Field of Expertise Specific specialties
Energy industry Wind Power, Wave Power, Tide Power, Solar Power and LNG
Manufacturing Automotible, Printing, Precision Equipments, Textile, Food and Cosmetics
IT/Telecommunication Web Design, Inormation Architecture, Branding, Mobile Phone, Mobile Network, Social Media and Warehouse/Logistics
Insurance Life Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance, Re-Insurance and Medical Insurance
Corporate Management Intellectual Property, Compliance, Corporate Governance, IR, Due diligence, HR, Asset Management and Procurement
Finance Derivatives Trading
Medicine Medical Equipments (Laser, Ventilator) and Infectious Diseases and Mental Health
Civil Engineering/ Construction Ventilation/Insulation, Instrumentation and General Construction
Transportation Railways and 3rd-party Logistics
Space Space-trade Devices, Measurement
Retail GMS (Apparel, Food, & Household), MLM, Jewelry and Product Development
Advertising/Marketing Bearuty, Sporting Goods, e-Marketing, Apparel, Food, SM and GMS
Agriculture/Fishery Stock Farm Products, Produce, Marine Products, Processed Foods, Labor Union, Markets, and Producer Visit
Military/Defense Chemical Weapon inspetion
Consulting Six Sigma, Mini tab and Price Strategy
Academy Biology, Meteorology, Earthquake, Hansen’s Disease and Education (Science education, Pre-school education)
Arts/Entertainment Ballet Choreography, Master Course and Media (Cable TV, News/Sports program)